Interlude: The Time in Between

Karla and I just moved to California.  We have always lived between two worlds. Between the North and the South.  Between the Condor and the Eagle.  Shifting from one to the other is never easy.  Although the change can be exciting, the culture shock can give you a hard kick in the ass.  After twelve years in Quito, Ecuador, this jump has been extremely difficult, more so than we imagined.

Just after we made the leap, the Photographic Museum of Humanity asked Runa to take over their Instagram feed for a week.  Instead of posting photos from our archive, we decided to make an original and spontaneous series called “Interlude”.   Working with Misha, who is still based in Quito, we playfully documented the moments of our everyday life. We used this project as a type of creative visual therapy. It was a time to breathe in the “in between”, and create for the sake of creating.