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About Runa Photos

Runa was founded by Karla Gachet and Ivan Kashinsky in 2011 and later joined by Misha Vallejo in 2012 and by Raul Amaru in 2016. It is a space where we share our joint and individual work with clients, friends, photographers, and the world. Runa means human being in Kichwa, one of the indigenous languages of Ecuador. We specialise in stories about people and places they inhabit. We create intimate images that form a window into the lives of our subjects, allowing our audiences to explore and understand the lives of others. We dedicate our time to telling stories through visual projects. Runa Photos is an archive of our work, an educational tool, and a place for discussion. We have worked in many countries across the world and have been on assignment with world leading documentary publications. Please enjoy Runa and feel free to contact us.