First impressions

After more than a day spent between airports and planes (including an 8 hour scale in Amsterdam’s airport), I finally arrived to the place that will be my home for the next year (at least) – Israel.

I’m still a bit lost here: my senses perceive a huge amount of information and I’m trying to organize them but it’s complicated. I’m not going to lie: these last days were really difficult for me because of personal reasons and the images I chose may have a lot to do with it.

Trying to leave problems behind I started exploring the surroundings of Tel Aviv.

Wen’t to the beach, got a bit of a sun burn and made a friend.

Also went to Jerusalem and visited a market there.

People here say that there, where Jerusalem ends, starts Bethlehem. So I decided to take a look at Palestine.

Also had the opportunity to see the desert.

And finally went home and met my mother.

These are just my first subjective impressions, and are NOT intended to be a serious project right now. George Tice once said, “you can only see what you are ready to see – what mirrors your mind at that particular time” and, as you could notice, my mind is blurred right now .

One last thing, if you’re interested in photography and currently live in Israel feel free to contact me. There is a phrase I really like: “artists should get together, it helps them getting inspiration and force to do interesting projects”. And I’m sure it works with photographers, too.

Till next time!

Misha Vallejo.