Jungle [by Raul Amaru]

From the distance, this thick and humid jungle resembles a carpet of even texture and tones, but it is actually a treacherous environment, shelter to abundant and furious wildlife. The light, excessive on the surface, seeps through the pores of the highest structures, transforming the interior into a murky ocean of shadows. Home to countless creatures. Some of them diurnal, others nocturnal. Some noisy,
some silent. Some exuberant and some others discreet. Only a few would risk being seen in plain view in daylight, grazing on the scarce plains or crossing the river in herds, trying to survive the attack of predators. The latter are easily recognizable for being the only ones who can enjoy long naps and short mating episodes in public, without the fear that belongs with the prey. Only their offspring are vulnerable.
The rest of the creatures, which turn out to be the majority, occupy less prominent but equally important positions, sometimes more interesting. Kings of hiding and camouflage. Masters of stalking. Anonymous tireless workers. All of them share a jungle that at first glance seems ruled by chaos, but in reality is harmonic. Nothing here happens by chance.