ImproVISION 52

Transubstantiation: conversion of a substance into another. And for those who believe in miracles: transformation of bread into flesh and wine into blood. Becoming, change, mutation. 

ImproVISION 52 presents a spiral of escaping glances in which each image is linked to the next; transforming and anticipating the one before. All united by a subtle thread (the color of an element, the geometric arrangement of a landscape, or the detail of a shadow), they build a dialogue in which the eye deciphers riddles, follows the tracks, and walks the trails that structure a sequence that is never static, always mutating. 

The RUNA images respond, challenge, and flirt with one another. Picture after picture, the photographs and their multiple interpretations seem to play hide and seek. 

A knee without a known body that bleeds down a barely perceptible thread; blood that will become crust; a wound that will transform into new skin; skin cells will mutate cyclically until death. 

A white body, on a white bed, facing a white wall with a white window. There, where everything is what it is but also something else, someone saw a “needle light”; a “centrifuge of sheets” and they sensed a question that is repeated ad infinitum: Where Am I?

A reflection of a man who appears to be in a forest, yet he stays trapped inside a crystal. Bodies turned into things. Things turned into bodies. Life and death, as two sides of the same coin - presences, absences, and loneliness catch your breath. 

Not a word, many possible interpretations. Because everything gets transformed, remains and changes, in this amazing game of mirrors that ImproVISION 52 proposes. 

[Text by Gabriela Paz Y Miño]